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Basic Survival 4 End Time Events DVD Series: Shelter - By Jay Peterson

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Basic Survival 4 End Time Events DVD Series: Shelter

Country Life’s Delivery Driver Supervisor -- Jay Peterson -- has loved the outdoors all his life and for over 30 years has learned to live off of God's bounty in the wilderness. For over 25 years he has been spreading this knowledge to folks who are interested in these types of skills that could prove extraordinarily beneficial in the end times of earth’s history.

SHELTER Covers things like signaling for help, marking your trail, finding direction, and how to make different types of shelter.

WATER How to find water in a survival situation, how to tell if it is safe to drink once you find it and, if it's not, how we can purify water to make it safe to drink.

FIRE How to build and light matchless fires using solar, compressed air, spark and friction. Includes demonstrations of some of these fires.

CORDAGE In a survival situation, you will likely have things that need to be lashed together and your two shoe laces will only get you so far! Jay will teach you how to make cords from string on up to rope using the things you find in nature.

FOOD In this seminar, Jay will discuss the best survival foods and how to find them.

EDIBLE WILD PLANTS Includes a CD with over 700 HD pictures)

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