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Tortilla Chips, Yellow, Organic - 16oz (Clearance)

Item Number: 371601C

Reason for Discount: Best by Date - 6/11/19

49% discount
Limited Quantity Available!
Tortilla Chips, Blue, Organic - 14oz (Clearance)

Item Number: 371470C

Reason for Discount: Best by Date - 5/16/19

40% discount
Limited Quantity Available!
Good Planet Foods, American Slices - 7oz

Item Number: 230775

Note: Refrigerated Product - see details! Reason for Discount - Best By Date: 6/29/19

30% discount
Best By Date: 6/29/19
Carob Chips, Malt Sweetened - Non Hydrogenated

Available in 12oz, 5lb, and 25lb sizes

From $5.50
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Maple Flavor, Natural - 16 oz (Clearance)

Item Number: 280115C

Reason for Discount: Best by Date - 6/10/19

40% discount
Limited Quantity Available
Fructose Crystals

Available in 5lb and 50lb sizes

From $8.50
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Silk® Almond Milk, Unsweetened - 32oz (Case of 6)

Item Number: 230636C

Reason for Clearance: Product has a "best by" date of 6/4/19

40% discount
Out of Stock
Cherry Almond Granola

Available in 3lb and 20lb sizes

From $10.95
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Nutiva Coconut Oil, Virgin - Organic

Available in 29oz, 54oz, and 8lb sizes

From $15.50
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