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Lakewood Basics, Organic - Variety Pack (Case of 12)

With Lakewood Basics™ Variety Pack you can:
- Boost nutrient intake with a meal
- Restart your body and drink as part of a Cleanse Program or
- Simply enjoy a healthy & delicious beverage on-the-go

Lakewood Basics™ strives to deliver the highest quality and most nutritious Organic and GMO-Free juices available. Our juices live in Glass, free of any preservatives and any toxins such as BPA, BPS & DEHP.

Our Organic Cold-Pressed Basics are not from concentrate and packed with vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants. There is never any sugar added, and with nothing artificial, these top-quality gluten-free juices are a delicious part of a healthy diet.

Each variety pack contains the following:
2 Lakewood Basics™ Restore
2 Lakewood Basics™ Replenish
2 Lakewood Basics™ Refuel
2 Lakewood Basics™ Reward
2 Lakewood Basics™ Regenerate
1 Lakewood Basics™ Rebuild
1 Lakewood Basics™ Relax

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